Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunfert: Dr Wong Pak Seng Jan14-Feb14 Investigation

I waited for one and half month to secure an appointment with Dr Wong Pak Seng, Sunfert.

Jan 2014
27 Jan 2014 Sunfert IVF (Sunway Medical Centre) Dr Wong Pak Seng
Day 8: scanned, uterus lining thin, not good sign
Prescribe with Progynova 2mg ( twice tablet a day ) for 10 days
Schedule scan on 5 Feb 2014
Both husband & I go thru Chromosome blood test: Result – we have no DNA problem, both are normal

Feb 2014
5 Feb 2014
Objective is to check if endometrium thicken after taking Progynova mg for 10 days
Result is positive, but thickness is not as think as expected.
Got 3 lines in uterus, but those lines are not very clear. If the 3 lines are clear, it is the best outcome.
Dr Wong advised no need to go through laparoscopy/surgery to survey and can proceed to cycle.
Dr Wong’s plan:
1. Endometrium scratch – to activate the fertility organ. Dr Wong explained that just like a mango tree whom never produce fruit, once farmer scratch the tree trunk with knife, the mango tree produce mango fruit. The process is just about 5 minute, just like pap smear.
2. Propose I go for Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) on embryo
3. After embryo transfer: High dosage of Progynova ( patch for direct absorption ), steroid, Intralipid, aspirin

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2010 - 2014 Period Pattern

2010 - 2013

Problem: Irregular period flow/pro-long spotting prior to period
Period: Day 28 – day 30 cycle, on time, but usually 2-5 days spotting before period flow.
Sometimes (worst scenario):
Day 1- day 3: Spotting
Day 4: No spotting at all
Day 5: Flow for 1 day only
Day 6: Flow slow down, back to spotting
Day 7: Spotting to stop

If exercise prior to day 1 or during day 1, spotting duration usually shorten

Spotting 2 days
Day 1: Flow
Day 2: Reduced flow to stop
Day 3: Stop